Public Consultation

GridLink Interconnector Ltd intends to positively engage with the general public, local communities, local businesses and all statutory and non-statutory stakeholders in relation to the development, construction and operation of the proposed interconnector.

We welcome public consultations related to the development, environmental impact assessment and permitting of the proposed interconnector, and intend to take all comments and recommendations into account in our planning, design and implementation.

If you wish to contact us to ask a question or make a comment, request or complaint, please use the “Contact us” form.  We will seek to reply to all inquiries within 14 days.

Below, please find links to the following project documents:

  1. French project brochure (FR)
  2. French project brochure for RTE customer connection (FR)
  3. French dossier de concertation (FR)
  4. French diary of public consultations (FR)
  5. French notice of prior consultations (FR)
  6. French flyer for public consultation meetings (FR)
  7. French newspaper notice for public consultation meetings (FR)
  8. Minutes of Loon Plage public meeting (FR)
  9. Minutes of meeting with GPMD Development Board (FR)
  10. Minutes of meeting with environmental representatives (FR)
  11. Minutes of meeting with agricultural representatives (FR)
  12. Minutes of meeting with fishing representatives (FR)
  13. Minutes of Bourbourg public meeting (FR)
  14. Minutes of meeting with Virage Energie (FR)
  15. Contribution to the prior consultation of ADELFA (Assemblée de défense de l’environnement du littoral Flandre-Artois) (FR)
  16. Contribution to the prior consultation of Virage Energie (FR)
  17. Contribution to the prior consultation of Mr Nicolet (FR)
  18. Statement of Guarantor for the prior consultations (FR)
  19. Statement of lessons learned (FR)
  20. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) (FR)
  21. Contact us to request application documents
  22. Contact us to make comments and objections