Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Considerations

GridLink’s impact on the environment is one of our primary concerns and we have taken environmental issues and constraints into account from the start of the project.

Our first step has been the careful selection of the converter station sites and cable route based on environmental criteria, such as the locations of protected or sensitive areas, ecological habitats, seabed obstacles and wrecks, existing infrastructure, etc.

We intend to carry out the construction and operation of the interconnector in accordance with Good International Industry Practices (GIIP). During the development, construction and operation of the interconnector we will apply the following principles to protect the environment:

  • Avoid, wherever practicable, negative effects on the environment;
  • Reduce any negative effects that cannot be avoided as much as reasonably practicable;
  • Compensate for any potentially significant residual effects.

We will also carry out environmental impact assessments as required by applicable national laws and regulations, taking into account the concerns and issues of stakeholders and local communities. These assessments will evaluate the potential effects on the environment during construction and operations, and inform the design, planning, construction methods, operation and maintenance of the interconnector.

Please find links to the environmental reports below: