Interconnectors improve the European energy system

Interconnectors are part of how the European energy market moves to a sustainable future and GridLink will contribute to the transformation.

The market’s many challenges relate to meeting environmental targets while overcoming the aging of existing infrastructure. Meeting these challenges requires both greater use of renewable energy and an improved transmission network to distribute energy and ensure security of supply.

Extensive studies completed by international organisations, the European Commission and national regulators show the need for electricity interconnectors and benefits of interconnectors. Here is how GridLink can help make a difference.

GridLink’s contribution

Our interconnector will:

  • Enhance the capacity of French and British networks to distribute electricity to consumers, especially renewable energy;
  • Support security of electricity supply where there is production uncertainty from renewable sources, the availability of existing nuclear generation, problems with transmission networks or other reasons.

These improvements help the use of renewable energy to realise environmental benefits. With interconnectors like GridLink, alongside other actions,Europe’s reliance on fossil fuel generation and its associated emissions can be reduced.

Economic benefits

GridLink will also provide economic benefits. Interconnectors open up import and export trade between countries, giving energy producers commercial opportunities to use any spare capacity that may not required or able to be used by the national grid, for example when there is an excess of renewable energy available.

Security of supply

GridLink will also help to mitigate potential changes in demand and supply. The additional transportation capacity that is provided helps handle fluctuations dependent on:

  • The time of day or season;
  • Weather conditions;
  • Availability of renewable energy;
  • Unexpected failures of installed generation capacity or the transmission network.

Assisting national networks

We will be part of guaranteeing advantages for national transmission networks by:

  • Improving network stability;
  • Diversifying sources of generation;
  • Reducing network constraint costs;
  • Increasing renewable energy integration.

Key studies and additional information can be found below: