Under the Environment Code, a public inquiry is necessary as part of the procedures related to the environmental authorisation and maritime public area utilisation rights. The public inquiry provides the opportunity for stakeholders to be informed about the GridLink project and to make representations to the administrative authorities.

The President of the Lille Administrative Court appointed an independent commissioner to supervise the public inquiry on 7 July 2022.

The terms of the public inquiry were established by an Order from the Prefecture du Nord on 29 August 2022.

A single public inquiry was organised for all of the procedures related to the GridLink project: environmental authorisation, maritime public area utilisation rights and declaration of public utility for the RTE grid connection.

The public inquiry took place between 26 September and 26 October 2022. The inquiry was advertised in local and national newspapers and notices at site locations, and relevant documents were made available to the public at nearby town halls and electronically on-line. Observations or comments could be made in person, by post or using a digital register.

On completion of the public inquiry, the results were recorded and validated by the inquiry commissioner. The reports prepared by the inquiry commissioner can be downloaded using the links below: